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Updated: Jun 8, 2020



As I mentioned in one of the previous posts that I used to hate working out. Like most of you ladies and gentlemen out there, it comes a day when we have no choice cause our metabolism is slowing down and the scale starts looking very scary. So I decided to subscribe to a gym and work with a personal trainer, knowing if I will try to work out by myself I will never achieve my desired weight. So with professional help, I start working out, but soon I realized I need to boost my residence to training my energy level and get extra help to lose weight. XTEND Sports BCAA Powder Strawberry Kiwi Splash | Electrolyte Powder for Recovery & Hydration with Amino Acids(Intra workout). It comes in a variety of flavors my favorite one is  Original BCAA Powder Watermelon Explosion | Sugar-Free Post Workout Muscle Recovery Drink with Amino Acids. BCCAs are basically three essential amino acids that help to boost muscle growth and boosting exercise performance, energy level, and weight loss. XTEND is the number one, BCCA Brand in the world with 7g of BCCA powder per serving.

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