Updated: Aug 15, 2020


Like it or not, but clothes after' 40+ are different from what you wore till then, we see a lot of women after 40's wearing clothes that no longer look suited for them, such as too short dresses, skirts or pants or baggy garments.

First, take into account when you choose outfits—Your Body shape and always a balance between style, class, and comfort. The ideal length of the skirt after the age of 40 is midi, pencil skirt, above or immediately below the knee. Midi skirt is a classic staple for a woman that wants to be stylish and elegant at any age. Dare to wear colors for more of a youthful look. Opt for simplicity as the ultimate sophistication when you wear nudes. Don't cover yourself to hide every inch of your body; you are a mature, stylish, beautiful woman, that still has a lot to show and say. Accessories are essential as long are tasteful Piercings and tattoos displayed like and wallpaper all over your, it might look cool in your 20's and 30's but ain't cool after 40+. Everything should form a unitary look that conveys your personality.

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