Grouper Fillet with coconut and ginger

Updated: Apr 29, 2020



-1 Can of coconut (unsweetened ) cream

-1tbs of sweet paprika

-1/2 cayenne pepper

-1tbs of Turmeric


- Italian parsley

- 6 Snow Peas


-1 Large Leak

- Ginger Root

-3 tbs of olive oil

-2 grouper filet


In a skillet with 3 tbsp of olive oil add chopped leaks, cook stirring frequently until turns lightly golden add the carrot and snow peas ,let it cook for 4 minutes then add the coconut cream ,turmeric,cayenne pepper, salt, sweet paprika, bring to a simmer ,add the minced ginger and keep stirring until is crisp and tender for another 5 minutes .In the meantime powder the grouper fillet with seafood breading .Pan sear it in a different skillet till it turns golden then add the grouper over the coconut sauce ,ornate it with fresh parsley . Now is ready to be served.

Enjoy it !

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