Blondes Only! Use this Hair Mask Twice a month for a vibrant flowing Blonde Hair.



Blonde hair requires more maintenance than other hair colors, as we all know. Just Like you, my Beautiful Blonde Ladies out there, I have always struggled between keeping a vibrant, neat color and healthy hair. Due to the bleaching process that is quite aggressive, blonde hair is more fragile and delicate than other colors. BLONDE ALE -DRYBAR BRIGHTENING POWDER is an incredible brightening powder, fragrance-free, and is excellent for blonde, gray, white, and highlighted hair. A powder that brightens and enhances highlights by removing dullness, adding shine, and boosting vibrancy for baby-soft, flowing hair recommended for all hair types. You only need to use twice a month after shampooing to pour the powder in your palm, add some water, and let it sit on your hair for only five minutes. The box contains six-packs that last for three months. Look good and feel good knowing that BLONDE ALE -DRYBAR BRIGHTENING POWDER has your back.

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